Interior Cleaning

We have several different cleaning options for the interior of your vehicle. My basic options consist of a thorough vacuum and a wipe-down of all surfaces.

Exterior Cleaning

Your car’s exterior will be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all debris and insects. To avoid any potential marring, I employ a two-bucket technique. A pre-rinse, foam both, contact wash, final rinse, and dry are the steps in exterior cleaning.

Wheel and Tire Cleaning

Any dirt, brake dust, and road grime will be removed by my wheel and tire cleaning, restoring the original color of your wheels. I use a non-acid wheel cleaner and a dedicated tire bucket to properly and securely clean your wheels. Tire dressing will be done after to maintain that deep, dark appearance.

Clay and Sealant

All contaminants are removed from your paint by the clay process, and your paint is then sealed against contaminants with wax or a spray sealant.